Application Process

1. The SJI Philanthropic Fund is now accepting applications from students from the SJI Schools who are applying to Christ’s College, Cambridge for the academic year commencing in October 2022. Please ensure that you read through the eligibility requirements in detail before you fill in the application form. 


2. Application forms can be downloaded here or obtained by writing to the Secretariat of the SJI Philanthropic Fund via email at 


3. All applications must be addressed to the Secretariat of the SJI Philanthropic Fund and must not be addressed to any individual Selection Committee member. Applications must be received by the Secretariat of the SJI Philanthropic Fund on or before 15 December 2021.


4. Applicants must fill in the application form and submit hardcopies of it together with the following in hardcopies: 


  • a personal statement describing the applicant's objectives, aspirations, plans after graduation and particulars of their extra-curricular activities, including sports, and their level of community involvement (in not more than 1200 words); 

  • a recent passport-size photograph; 

  • a copy of the completed UCAS application form and COPA form; 

  • certified copies of IGCSE or GCE ‘O’ Levels transcripts (if applicable) and IB transcripts (applicable to those who have completed the IB examinations); and 

  • up to 2 reference letters from persons whom the applicant has interacted with in the last two years. The referee should be someone whom the applicant has interacted with in a professional capacity and includes persons whom the applicant has interacted with in the course of internships, competitions, voluntary work, employment and/or entrepreneurial ventures. Please click here to download the reference letter. 

5. Applicants should also note that the Selection Committee will also request from the relevant school principal, a Confidential School Principal’s Report (which will include the predicted IB results of the applicant, where applicable), which will be sent directly to the SJI Philanthropic Fund. No action is required by the Applicant in relation to the Confidential School Principal’s Report.


6. The Selection Committee reserves the right at its discretion to approach any organization, establishment or individual to verify the accuracy of all statements made by any applicant.


7. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Selection Committee between early to mid‐January 2022. Applicants who have not been invited for an interview prior to 1 January 2022 should consider their application unsuccessful.


8. All decisions of the Selection Committee are final and neither the Selection Committee nor any member thereof will under any circumstances be required to explain to applicants or their representatives why any application has been accepted or declined.


9. Any questions on this Scholarship application process should be directed to the applicant’s University Counsellor at his SJI School who will be liaising with the Secretariat at the SJI Philanthropic Fund.


10. For the students who have been short-listed for interviews, all communications by the SJI Philanthropic Fund will be made by its Secretariat only via email to the email address that is indicated in the application form. Please ensure that the email address provided in the application form remains valid during this period.