1. Applicants have to fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for the Scholarship:

  • the Scholarship is only open to Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents; 

  • the applicant must have completed the IB Programme either St. Joseph’s Institution or St. Joseph’s Institution International School in Singapore, prior to the January following application, with at least 2 years of schooling at either of the schools;

  • the applicant must apply directly to Christ’s College; 

  • an applicant who has received an offer from another college in Cambridge will not be eligible for the Scholarship; 

  • unless otherwise agreed to by the Selection Committee, an applicant who has already accepted a scholarship of comparable or greater value from any other organization will not be eligible for the Scholarship; 

  • an applicant who has applied for a second undergraduate programme or is already pursuing an undergraduate programme at Christ’s College will not be eligible for the Scholarship; and 

  • the applicant must be in a satisfactory state of health.


2. The Scholarship is tenable for the following Triposes offered at Christ’s College:

  • Computer Science;

  • Economics;

  • Engineering;

  • Natural Sciences; or

  • Law.


3. For the academic term beginning in October 2021, applicants who apply for Law and Economics will be preferred for the Scholarship.


4. In addition to the courses listed above, Scholarship holders are permitted to choose any of the following Triposes after Part I of another Tripos:

  • Chemical Engineering; 

  • Management Studies; or 

  • Manufacturing Engineering.


5. Scholarship holders who change subject to one not listed in paragraph 2 or 4 above will cease to be eligible for the Scholarship.