Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply to any other colleges in Cambridge other than Christ’s College?


No. Scholarships will only be granted to applicants who apply directly to Christ’s College.


2. If I am awarded scholarships by other organizations, can I still apply for the Scholarships?


No. Scholarship holders who have already accepted scholarships from any other organization will not be eligible for the Scholarship.

3. I already have a first degree, am I eligible to apply for the Scholarship for a second undergraduate degree course?


No. The Scholarship aims to support students to pursue their first undergraduate degree.


4. If I am currently studying for an undergraduate degree, am I eligible to apply for the Scholarship?


No. We will not consider applicants who are already pursuing an undergraduate programme or who wish to apply for a second undergraduate degree programme.


5. Are there any restrictions on the courses covered by the Scholarship?


Applicants have to choose from among the following Triposes at the time of application:


  • Computer Science; 

  • Economics; 

  • Engineering; 

  • Natural Science; or 

  • Law.


In addition to the courses listed above, Scholarship holders are permitted to choose any of the following Triposes after Part I of another Tripos:


  • Chemical Engineering; 

  • Management Studies; or 

  • Manufacturing Engineering.


6. How can I know if my Scholarship application is being processed?


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Selection Committee between early to mid-January 2022. Full details of the interview schedule are set out in the application form. Applicants who have not been invited for the interview prior to 1 January 2022 should consider their application unsuccessful.


7. When will I be notified of the results of my application after my interview?


The SJI Philanthropic Fund will send out the Scholarship offer letters by end January 2022.


8. Can I apply for jobs during the period of my studies?


Scholarship holders shall not accept without consent of the Selection Committee any employment during the term of the Scholarship other than short-term employment or internships during vacations.


9. Are there any scholarships for postgraduate studies?


Certain courses covered under the Scholarship are eligible for funding up to the postgraduate level.