Chairman's Foreword

As an alumnus of both SJI and Christ’s College, I am pleased that this collaboration has been established. I was privileged to have received and to have benefitted from the all-round and holistic education from both these institutions.


It is indeed a significant milestone for both these institutions to be in partnership. Christ’s College, one of the best academic colleges globally, has not only produced Nobel Laureates but also illustrious alumni such as John Milton and Charles Darwin. Closer to our shores, it counts five cabinet ministers amongst its notable alumni. Though a younger institution, SJI also has its own list of distinguished alumni, including the immediate past President of Singapore, cabinet ministers, Olympians and leaders of global brands.

I feel truly privileged to have been part of the process in putting together this important educational partnership. My fellow SJI board members, the senior members of Christ’s College and I gave much thought to how we would marry the philosophies of the two institutions in designing the scholarship. Consequently, we were keen to ensure that the young men and women who were chosen for the scholarship would not only be of the highest integrity but display the fortitude to uphold the values and principles taught to them that would shape and influence generations succeeding them. 


Through the Programme, we aim to identify the brightest students who are innovative, compassionate and lateral thinkers and provide them with financial support and mentorship throughout their journey. Whilst we are focused on students with a track record of academic excellence, we are also looking for the thought leaders of tomorrow. In that respect, the scholarship will be unique as members of the Scholarship Selection Committee will track the progress of the scholarship recipients as well as engage in mentoring them, thereby ensuring the purpose of the scholarship achieves its optimum effect. 


Personally, I can share that I have been extremely humbled by the positive and widespread support we received when we embarked on this collaboration with Christ's College and the ensuing Programme. It is important to make pervasive a culture of "paying it forward" and indeed, as Singapore grows even more affluent, it is almost critical that we as a people imbibe ourselves with this philosophy.

Mr Leon Yee

President, Management Committee

Chairman, Scholarship Selection Committee

SJI Philanthropic Fund