Board of Trustees and Management Committee

SJI Philanthropic Fund's Management Committee governs the work of the Fund. It shapes and formulates the Foundation's direction, including its mission, strategy, budget, and key policies; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the Foundation's mission and strategy; and monitors the performance of the Foundation. The Management Committee meets as often as needed to conduct the Foundation's business.

Board of Trustees

Mr. Philip Yeo, Chairman

Mr. Tan Tee How, Vice Chairman

Mr. Leon Yee

Mr. Derek Loh

Brother Paul Ho

Brother Kelvin Tan

Mr. Vincent Anandraj

Mr. Andrew Khoo

Mr. Christopher Wong

Management Committee

Mr. Leon Yee, President

Mr. Derek Loh, Vice-President

Mr. Vincent Anandraj, Treasurer

Mr. Andrew Khoo, Secretary

Mr. Christopher Wong, Member

Mr. Tan Tee How, Member