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President's Foreword 

The SJI Philanthropic Fund - St Edmund’s Scholarship Programme is a continuation of our ambition to support SJI and SJII students with diverse aspirations in obtaining the very best education in the world irrespective of financial circumstances. The life experiences and quality of education on offer at St Edmund’s will cultivate the skills, values and outlook needed for scholars to navigate and lead in an increasingly complex world. 


This partnership also gives a unique opportunity for both institutions to build on their Catholic traditions to inspire a better future. St Edmund’s College is a faith-friendly College anchored in the Catholic tradition. We hope that students who have received the time-tested Catholic and Lasallian teaching in the SJI schools continue to be given the opportunity to realise their maximum potential at St Edmund’s.   

I am personally grateful for the support we received when we decided to expand our Scholarship Programme with St Edmund’s College. We are optimistic that the Programme will attract students of exceptional calibre to apply to St Edmund’s and become the thought leaders of tomorrow.  


Mr Leon Yee 

President, Management Committee 

SJI Philanthropic Fund