Rules and Regulations 

By applying for and accepting the Scholarships, all Scholarship holders are deemed to have agreed to the following Rules and Regulations governing the Scholarships:  

1. to conduct themselves in a proper manner for the entire duration for which the Scholarship has been awarded;            

2. to make satisfactory progress in their course of study and to submit their academic transcripts at the end of each academic year to the SJI Philanthropic Fund;  

3. to comply with the rules and regulations of St Edmund’s College and the University of Cambridge at all times; 

4. to consent to the Philanthropic Fund publishing an annual update containing their details during the term of the Scholarship and annually thereafter containing details of their current progress for circulation to the Selection Committee and to other Scholarship holders;   

5. to seek permission and obtain written consent from the Selection Committee before making any changes to the course of study. Where changes are made without prior approval, the Scholarship will be withdrawn;​ 

6. to be part of the mentorship programme to mentor the younger Scholarship holders upon graduation;​ 

7. to help out at events and activities organized by the SJI Philanthropic Fund from time to time, including but not limited to giving talks, attending interviews and meeting with scholarship candidates;  

8. not to accept without the consent of the Selection Committee any employment with any organization during the term of the Scholarship other than short-term employment and/or internships during vacations;   

9. unless otherwise agreed to by the Selection Committee, not to accept scholarships of comparable or greater value from any other organization during the term of the Scholarship;   

10. the Selection Committee has the right to terminate the Scholarship at any time for reasons of unsatisfactory conduct, failure to make satisfactory progress, any breach of University regulations, any breach of these Scholarship Rules and Regulations or conviction for any criminal offence on the part of the Scholarship holder; and​ 

11. not without the consent of the Selection Committee be attached to the Embassy, Legation or High Commission or other diplomatic or governmental office of any country in the United Kingdom or elsewhere during the term of the Scholarship.